21 November 1997


HIGHEST type bull ever bred in Holland is now available in the UK, alongside two other Dutch newcomers, four from the US and four UK bulls – as listed in Genuss Sire Directory update.

Top type bull from the Dutch camp is Mascot son Southland Marker, which boasts a UK type merit score of 3.53, and £92 ITEM.

Marker is out of a Blackstar cow from the USs famous Sweet family, and is available at £30 a straw. Also from Holland is the Aerostar son Archibald – out of a Blackstar dam and with £105 ITEM and 2.24 UK type merit. He is priced at £22 a straw. Novalis is another newcomer from Holland. By Target and out of Delta Esmeralda, a Cleitus from the same family that bred Knockout and Lord Lily, Novalis has £124 ITEM and 1.87 for type and priced £22 a straw. Available at the same price, and most interesting of the UK newcomers is the GSIP tested bull Genus Moorcroft – said to be the top newcomer to the UK type rankings and the top GSIP proven production and type sire.

Progeny tested in both the US and France is Paulo-Bro RTL Demand – said to rank in the top five for type and production in both countries. This Leadman son out of a Chief Mark cow boasts £117 ITEM, 1.84 for UK type and is available at £45 a straw.

Also new from the US and launched at the event are Mascot son Brock with £120 ITEM and 2.62 UK type (priced at £32 a straw), Thor son Grandslam with £82 ITEM and 2.62 UK type (£25), Aerostar sons Winchester with £118 ITEM and 1.40 type (£42), and Windsor with £107 ITEM, 2.29 UK type (£23).