All 74 recommendations made by a committee charged with reviewing farming red tape in Wales have been accepted by the Welsh Government.

Some of the changes will be implemented as early as July, according to a report published on 3 February while others will follow in the next three years.

The Welsh Government wants to reduce criticism from farmers of their administrative burden and will seek to demonstrate the “considerable support” given to the farming industry in Wales.

There will also be regular meetings involving stakeholders on Single Application Form changes to improve understanding, agreement and support.

In the longer term there will be more joint inspections and the Welsh Government will seek to remove the “fear factor” of inspections through on-farm information events.

Deputy farming minister, Alun Davies, will lead a debate on the contents of Gareth Williams’ report in the Senedd on 7 February.

“I am fully committed to taking this process forward in a meaningful way; to being thorough and ensuring that accountability is built into this programme,” he said. “This is why I have published the Welsh Government’s response at this early stage, and why I will lead a debate on Gareth’s report in the assembly on 7 February.”

He will also host a meeting on 9 February of key industry stakeholders and partners to discuss a partnership approach to progressing the recommendations.

“The outcomes we are seeking are very clear and need to happen quickly. I am therefore very pleased that Gareth has agreed to my invitation to return in a year’s time to review the progress made,” Mr Davies added.