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Find out about UK and EU government agricultural policy and what it means for farmers. Be the first to hear the news on Defra’s plans for farm payments and subsidies post Brexit, and environmental schemes and funding. Hear how the NFU, AHDB and farm industry leaders’ lobby the government to help shape farm policy.

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Q&A: Using CCTV - what farmers need to know

Farmers are increasingly turning to CCTV to protect their farm from thefts. New technology has made it easier than ever to set up camera surveillance, but the rules around data…

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Field to plate - diversification on Japanese farms

Japan’s food culture is built on strong regional associations and loyalties, alongside superb quality and freshness.  However, accelerating rural depopulation, falling farm incomes, concerns over food security and a crippling…


Farming without subsidy - New Zealand's experience

UK farmers must seize the opportunity of Brexit to ramp up productivity and become more competitive, industry leaders have been told. Former New Zealand agriculture minister Sir Lockwood Smith suggested…


Wild bird project – a blueprint for future farm support?

Farmers in the South West have helped to save a rare farmland bird in a 25-year collaboration with the RSPB.  Farmers and the RSPB don’t always see eye to eye,…


‘Defra blunder crippled my farm business’

Devon beef and dairy producer Winston Reed has seen the administrators called in at Cleave Farm, Templeton, near Tiverton – despite winning a four-year battle with Defra, which saw the…

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Flood-hit farmer one year on - patching up damage not enough

Poor water management could see a repeat of last autumn’s floods, so what steps can be taken to mitigate the effects of extreme weather on the countryside and farmers' livelihoods?…


Q&A: Chief vet outlines bovine TB strategy for NI

Northern Ireland’s chief vet, Robert Huey, explains the next steps in the government policy to eradicate bovine TB in cattle herds. Hayley Parrott and Philip Case ask the questions. What…


Why farmers want stronger action on hare coursing

Extreme weather and the coronavirus pandemic resulted in a challenging harvest for farmers across the country, who must now deal with the next threat – criminals taking advantage of bare…


Why carbon reduction goal makes good business sense

While reducing greenhouse gases might not seem like a business priority, farmers are waking up to the cost savings as well as the environmental benefits of reducing their carbon footprint. …

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Final push to persuade MPs to back British food standards

Grassroots farmers are being invited to join some of the sector’s leading lights to lobby their MPs, to persuade them to back British food and farming standards when the Agriculture…


Farmers to intensify action to ‘save’ British food standards

Farmers are stepping up action against the government’s refusal to protect British food standards in the Agriculture Bill from the threat of cheap food imports. At 6pm this Saturday (31…


Blueprint launched for climate-friendly Scottish beef sector

A report commissioned by the Scottish government has recommended a scheme that it says will help the country’s beef sector reduce its climate change impact while increasing efficiency. The report…


Plea to farmers for big push to lobby MPs on food standards

Farmers and consumers are being urged to lobby their MPs – especially Conservatives in rural constituencies – in a bid to protect British food standards and keep cheap imports out…

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Liz Truss: US Trade deal will benefit UK farmers

Liz Truss, Secretary of State for International Trade, explains why she believes US trade talks will benefit UK farmers, despite concerns from the farming industry about being undercut by imported…


FW Opinion: Villiers - long on rhetoric, short on detail

Theresa Villiers may lack the charisma of her predecessor, Michael Gove – that much was made clear from the Defra secretary's lacklustre delivery at this week’s Oxford Farming Conference –…


Opinion: Did Michael Gove achieve anything at Defra?

Michael Gove’s 773 days as Defra secretary began with his astonishment at being selected for a Cabinet post at all. Telephoned during a leisurely Sunday lunch with friends in his…

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Video: Tractors hit London’s streets for food standards demo

Frustrated farmers travelled from as far as Yorkshire and Somerset to take part in a demonstration in London over threats to food standards. A convoy of about 20 tractors, Land…


Video: Dairy farmer says government must act now on fodder

A Welsh dairy farmer is urging the government to step in to help prevent a looming fodder crisis this autumn. Hefyn Wilson, who farms 85 Holstein and 15 Jersey cows…

Video: Farm contractors demand hedgecutting rethink

Farmers and contractors gathered at a Northamptonshire farm for a petition rally to urge Defra to overturn the August hedgecutting ban. Agricultural contractors broke off from busy spraying and grass…

Andrea Leadsom replaces Truss as Defra secretary

Andrea Leadsom has been named as the new Defra secretary in prime minister Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle. The pro-Brexit campaigner and MP for South Northamptonshire dropped out of the Conservative leadership…

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What is the future of farming post Covid and post Brexit?

The long-term success of British farming depends on the sector becoming more internationally competitive, says renowned economist Sean Rickard. Post Brexit, the government will be doing trade deals with countries…

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