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Q&A: Using CCTV - what farmers need to know

Farmers are increasingly turning to CCTV to protect their farm from thefts. New technology has made it easier than ever to set up camera surveillance, but the rules around data…


10 most common cross-compliance breaches

Support payments are declining year-on-year, so avoiding cross-compliance penalties is becoming ever more important. Charles Mayson, managing director of Cross Compliance Solutions, highlights some of the most common breaches in…

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Farmers on why they signed our hedgecutting petition

More than 1,700 people signed a Farmers Weekly petition urging Defra to repeal the August hedgecutting ban. At the end of this month, Farmers Weekly staff will present the petition…


Scottish elections: Parties unveil food and farming plans

Ahead of the Holyrood elections on 5 May, the four main political parties in Scotland have been outlining their proposals for food and farming. The Scottish National Party (SNP), the…

10 ways to lessen pain of low prices for farmers

Urgent action is needed by the government to provide farmers with the tools needed to ride out the slump in commodity prices, say MPs. A host of recommendations are contained…

Analysis: Government's four-point plan - has it delivered?

The government has defended its record on agriculture – almost a year to the day since Defra secretary Liz Truss unveiled a four-point plan for farming at last year’s NFU…

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Case studies


Farming without subsidy - New Zealand's experience

UK farmers must seize the opportunity of Brexit to ramp up productivity and become more competitive, industry leaders have been told. Former New Zealand agriculture minister Sir Lockwood Smith suggested…


Wild bird project – a blueprint for future farm support?

Farmers in the South West have helped to save a rare farmland bird in a 25-year collaboration with the RSPB.  Farmers and the RSPB don’t always see eye to eye,…


‘Defra blunder crippled my farm business’

Devon beef and dairy producer Winston Reed has seen the administrators called in at Cleave Farm, Templeton, near Tiverton – despite winning a four-year battle with Defra, which saw the…

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Farmers ahead of the game on conservation

“Farmers are the original friends of the Earth; they know that we cannot have a healthy economy, healthy society or healthy individuals unless we have a healthy environment.” So begins…


Analysis: What the Brexit White Paper means for farmers

Government plans for the UK’s future relationship with the EU, based on a free-trade area for goods, have come under sustained attack from across the political spectrum, raising questions about…


How farming can profit from healthier diet trend

The recent Health and Harmony consultation from Defra, while covering a wide range of policy options for post-Brexit agriculture, has been criticised by some for its lack of focus on…


Why growers must reduce reliance on pesticides

Growers are being urged to highlight the responsible approach they take to crop management – or face the prospect of further restrictions as the government pursues a “green” Brexit. The…

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Cut ammonia emissions to avert regulation, farmers urged

Farmers are being urged to reduce ammonia emissions from agriculture in an effort to stave off more regulation to improve air quality. The NFU called for a joined-up approach between…


Farm leaders voice concern over 'no-deal' Brexit

Farm leaders have voiced growing concern over the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and the effect it will have on UK agriculture. Northern Ireland’s beef, sheep and hill farming sectors…


More crops will rot without workers scheme, warns NFUS

Crops will be left to rot in the fields again this autumn unless the UK government introduces a seasonal agricultural workers scheme, Scottish farmers have warned. Tonnes of soft fruit…


Gove urged to stand by his words and save UK’s abattoirs

Campaigners for the protection of local abattoirs have called for Defra secretary Michael Gove to take urgent action to save the UK’s “huge national asset”. Co-ordinated by the Campaign for…

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Video: Dairy farmer says government must act now on fodder

A Welsh dairy farmer is urging the government to step in to help prevent a looming fodder crisis this autumn. Hefyn Wilson, who farms 85 Holstein and 15 Jersey cows…

Video: Farm contractors demand hedgecutting rethink

Farmers and contractors gathered at a Northamptonshire farm for a petition rally to urge Defra to overturn the August hedgecutting ban. Agricultural contractors broke off from busy spraying and grass…

Andrea Leadsom replaces Truss as Defra secretary

Andrea Leadsom has been named as the new Defra secretary in prime minister Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle. The pro-Brexit campaigner and MP for South Northamptonshire dropped out of the Conservative leadership…


Video: Farmers plan second march through London

A protest which saw more than 1,000 farmers march through central London was so successful that organisers are planning to descend on the city again. A second march will take…

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