Don’t you just love marketing speak?

Gunter the Feathered Forager certainly does, so was thrilled by this classic example from a report in PR Week magazine.


It relates to the award of a six-figure contract by Noble Foods to PR outfit Cirkle – a contract previously held by Mischief PR – to help boost the profile of the Happy Egg brand.

Or in the words of Cirkle boss Ruth Allchurch “to leverage the brand’s personality through an integrated mix of innovative initiatives that will create genuine cut-through in a highly commoditised category”.

Happy Egg marketing director Rob Newell is equally effusive, stating that “the integrated campaign will ride on the positive momentum around eggs”.  “We look forward to the team unlocking influence and advocacy to drive brand saliency.”

Why bother with plain English when there is so much more extravagant narrative to tap into?