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13 things every poultry farmer can do to save energy

Even the most efficient poultry unit can tighten up on energy-saving protocols by conducting a simple audit, with quick wins possible in most cases. Straightforward, low-cost measures include sealing gaps…

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Every office should have one....

Ever felt like this in a meeting?  

Egg hat man

This is Gregory da Silva, based in Germany and a self-described "comedian artist comedian dancer performer". Also known as The Eggman. Mr da Silva is a Guinness world record holder.…

Goat that thinks it's a chicken

There's a bit of a trend on the internet at the moment. It's videoing goats making unusual noises. The ever-distracted internet community has come up with goats yelling like humans …

VIDEO: Poultry dancing to pop music

The Forager can't say he's heard of Olly Murs (he only listens to pre-1960s Bavarian beer hall music), but he admires the craft that's gone in to this chicken version…

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