BILL MOFFAT was born in 1938, and was the only son of Jack Moffat, an agricultural contractor from Kendal.

Bill was brought up in the outskirts of Kendal and enjoyed the delightful freedom and safety of those days. Along with friends they played beside the canal, fished during summer and skated on it during the winter, made a raft and den down by the River Kent.

During the war years his father was in the War Ag and when the war ended Jack set up his own business and in 1953 the family moved into the bungalow they had built in Natland. His business grew and Bill often helped in the evenings after school and in the end, as he got older he used to skip school to help during hay and harvesting.

This is “Jack”s Lad” and it is his story of his life, meeting all kinds of people, many of whom became good friends: Out in all weathers and doing all sorts of jobs from farm work to snow ploughing for the Council, cutting canal sidings and repairing machinery. Bill could turn his hand to most jobs, he had been taught well by his father. He worked incredible long hours and has many a tale to tell. It is a way of life that many will recognise so read on and enjoy “Jack”s Lad” and perhaps let it stir a few memories.

Jack”s Lad – The life of a Westmorland Agricultural Contractor 1953-2000, Bill Moffat, published by Helm Press (01539 561 321), price 10.95 plus 1.50 p&p.