With the Cirrus 02 seed drill, Amazone brings another new range of drills under the Generation 2011 banner to the market.

These drills – to be first seen in the UK at Cereals – will be available in working widths of 3m, 4m and 6m. They feature a new-look, modern design and come bristling with new equipment.

As with all the Generation 2011 drills, the Cirrus 02 comes complete with the new RDS Roller Drill System.

This system includes the new RoTeC+ Control coulters, on which the coulter pressure has been increased by 10%. At the same time, the Cirrus Control coulters are equipped as standard, with the new Control 25 depth guidance rollers.

These depth guidance rollers are fitted alongside the sowing coulters – directly at the point of seed placement – to ensure the perfect depth control and simultaneously keep the sowing discs clean.

Thanks to their 25mm wide surface contact area, the carrying capacity of the Control 25 depth guidance rollers is higher than before allowing the drill to be operated at a permanently higher coulter pressure.

In this way, an extremely smooth coulter travel and thus an even sowing depth, even in changeable soil conditions, is achieved. This effect is additionally increased by the targeted, strip-wise, reconsolidated grooves provided by the pre-running wedge ring tyres. The sowing depth is set centrally via the hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment.

The coulters are followed by either the Exact following harrow or the new Roller harrow which then cover the seed with loose soil or in addition, where the Roller harrow is used, lightly presses the soil over the top.

The pressure on the harrows can be adjusted independently of the coulter pressure which is a decisive advantage when, for example, sowing in damp conditions.

As on-board seed-bed preparation, Amazone relies on its twin-row disc harrow unit with very shallowly angled disc carrying arms.

As standard, this unit is now equipped with serrated discs (460mm diameter) resulting in a more intensive seedbed preparation and an excellent levelling effect.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Amazone.