7 unusual harvest photos: bombers, rainbows, Red Arrows and windmills

Harvest isn’t just a time of hard graft, combines and crops, but big open skies and the beauty of the outdoors.

Look up and you’ll be surprised by what you can see – harvest seems to attract the unusual.

These harvest photos are full of wonders, from the last two airworthy Lancaster bombers to the Red Arrows looping the loop to rainbows decorating the skies.

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Red Arrows

Red Arrows

The red arrows doing the loop, while barley straw is being carted off the field. Photo from Michael McHugh.

Rainbow in Bedforshire

Harvest rainbow Bedfordshire

“Amid the gloomy sky, W. Adams and Sons see a sign of hope for wheat prices!” This photo was taken on the evening of July 31 at W. Adams and Sons Summerleys Farm (Billington, Bedfordshire) while harvesting winter wheat.



Supermarine Spitfire with combine in the background in Duxford on July 26. Photo from FarmerNot.

Lancaster bombers

Lancaster bombers

Thumper and Vera – the last two airworthy Lancaster bombers on UK Bomber Tour. Photo taken on 13 August while combining Dickens winter wheat. Picture taken by James Grantham on the family farm near Billinghay, Lincs.


Windmill at harvest

A John Deere 1450 combine harvesting winter barley in Oxfordshire alongside a windmill. Photo from Matthew Brown.

Rainbow in Newark

Rainbow at harvest Newark

G.R.Gash Ltd finishing off the rape harvest at Hawton near Newark. Yields varied between 3.9 and 4.6t/ha.


Shard at harvest

The Shard makes an appearance in the Harvest Highlights gallery again. A.T.Bone and Sons Ltd combining in Newgate Street, Hertfordshire, with two Lexion 760 combines.

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