80% finished in Kent

Harvest in Kent is about 80% complete, according to Weald Granary director John Smith.

“Most of the wheat is in – we are waiting for 5000t of beans and 9000t of wheat to come in.”

Over the weekend Hagbergs had dropped slightly, with hard milling wheat holding up better than soft varieties, he said.

“We had our first load of soft wheat in yesterday (31 August) that had completely sprouted. Hard wheats are lower than before, but still at 200, so are usable.”

Later drilled Cordiale milling wheat was showing a higher protein content than earlier crops.

“Overall, proteins have been about half a percentage point down, with Cordiale at 12.4% and Solstice at 12.8%.”

Beans which had been cut on Monday had come in nicely, he added.

“With a dry week, most farmers will be completing this week.”

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