A pleasing yield emerges in Hants

Nick Dunford of Vale Park Farm, Longparish, Andover completed the last 26ha of Castille oilseed rape at 10pm yesterday.

Crops yielded 3.7 t/ha and he managed to bring the moisture content down to 11.2%. He was pleased with the yield, particularly due to the fact that his land was thin, chalky soil.

He had yet to start on his wheat, which thought would be ready within the next week. He said the starting and stopping was frustrating at the moment.

“Oh for the sun of the harvest of 2006. Progress is very stressful!!”

  • Crop: Oilseed rape
  • Area total: 32ha
  • Varieties: Castille, ES Astrid
  • Area cut: 26ha
  • Quality: 11.2% moisture
  • Yield: 3.7 t/ha

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