A start is made on wheat in Yorkshire

Wheat harvest began this morning for Ian Elsworth at Raskelf, near York of Einstein and Robigus. He hoped to finish his 80ha (200 acres) by the weekend.

Last night he finished 28ha (70 acres) of Cocktail spring barley. It yielded 6.75 t/ha (2.7 t/acre) at 14% moisture with 68kg/hl specific weight. Containing 1.8% nitrogen. He intended to sell the barley for malting.

Heavy land and wet weather had not helped desiccating and swathing the 50ha (125 acres) of oilseed rape. He finished Lioness and Excalibur 10 days ago. Variable yields had been disappointing. 

He was concerned about soil quality and he planned to plough more land than usual.

“With some sun we’ll soon be able to catch up.”

Prices for wheat looked stronger this year, but he couldn’t tell wheat yields yet and he added: “I’m sure prices will make up for crops.”

• Crop: Spring barley 
o Variety: Cocktail
o Area: 28ha (70 acres)
o Yield: 6.75 t/ha (2.7 t/acre)
o Specific weight: 68kg/hl
o Nitrogen: 1.8%
o Moisture: 14%

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