A variable harvest

The sunshine came at a very good time for Mr Cargill to harvest his wheat. Moisture contents averaged 20% and the wheat retained good yields at 9.88 t/ha (4 t/acre).

“If we get anything under 20% moisture it‘s a bonus,” he said.

Mr Cargill was growing Riband and Consort and reported very little difference between them.

“There was no sprouting because the crop wasn‘t ready enough when the rain came in.”

Mr Cargill had 7 inches of rain in August saying, “It just rained all the time.”

His oilseed rape crop was badly affected by the weather. Yields were not great and there was 60% sprouting in the crop, he said.

“I don‘t know what to do with it. I‘m not sure if the crushers are exaggerating the issue to lower prices, but prices are already dreadful.”

All the rape has been drilled now and he is going to make a start on drilling his winter barley later today.

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