Average spring barley in Scotland

Scottish farmer Alec Webster has finished 28ha of Regina spring barley, with average results. “There was nothing spectacular and nothing really bad.”

Yields were around 7.5t/ha and bushel weights 65kg/hl. He said Regina had been “much better” in the past, but yields were a lot better than 3.2ha of Scylla which was “terrible”.

The crop suffered from a touch of mildew, although he said this was not too bad. He noted the combine was black when he finished when it is usually cleaner.

Mr Webster added: “We’ll just have to see if we can do better next year.”

  • Crop/Variety: Regina spring barley

  • Area: 28ha

  • Yield: 7.5t/ha

  • Quality: 65kg/hl bushel weights

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