Average yields for Suffolk barley

Anthony Hogsbjerg planned to start harvesting his 240ha of Gladiator, Glasgow and Ambrosia winter wheat this afternoon at Clarks Farm, Belchamp Water.

He had finished his 60 ha of Expert and NK Grace oilseed rape, which yielded 3-3.7 t/ha (1.25-1.5 t/acre). “We always want a little more,” he said.

Mr Hogsbjerg had also finished cutting 30ha of Flagon winter barley, which looked average, despite being very varied quality. The moisture content ranged between 13-15.5% and he was letting the remaining barley dry naturally.

Despite widespread rain elsewhere Mr Hogsbjerg was concerned about dry conditions affecting his sugar beet, since there had been just 150mm (six inches) of rain within the last nine weeks and he said crops would wilt with a dryer, hotter period.

“We’ve been fortunate not to have too much rain, but it might not be long until we have too little” he said

Mr Hogsbjerg was pleased with progress and said “I just combine when it’s ready”

• Crop: Oilseed rape
o Variety: Expert and NK Grace
o Area: 60 ha
o Yield: 3-3.7 t/ha

• Crop: Winter barley
o Variety: Flagon
o Area: 30ha
o Moisture: 13-15.5%
o Bushel weight: 50 kg/hl
o Nitrogen: 1.53- 1.6

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