Awaiting spring barley harvest in Scotland

Alec Webster is still waiting to begin this year’s spring barley harvest at Lower Reiss Farm, Caithness, Scotland.

“We put in 30ha of Waggon,” he said. “We use our own straw here, so it’s an important part to us and it’s all looking good so far.”

Looking around the area, Mr Webster hadn’t seen much being cut so far.

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“Being in the area that we’re in, we wouldn’t expect to be getting the combines out for at least another fortnight,” he said.

Disease in the crop had been typically average for the year and weather had also caused few problems.

“It was a lovely day yesterday (5 August). Although the short term forecast isn’t so promising, the forecast over the next few weeks looks okay.

“We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward to the fortnight ahead.”

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