Barley is done and onto osr in Scottish borders

Stuart Fuller-Shapcott of Sweethope near Kelso cut the last of his winter barley last night and was looking forward to oilseed rape.

He had cut nearly 15ha (37 acres) of Pearl for malting, yielding 2.75 t/ha and 18.8ha (47 acres) of Cyprus for pearling, which yielded 3 t/ha. Most crops came in at 13.5–16.5 % moisture and he was reasonably pleased with harvest considering the season.

He expected to begin 56ha (140 acres) of ES Astrid and Caracas oilseed rape within a week. He said crops looked fine and earlier reports indicated good yields, but he said, “The proof will be in the combine.”

Mr Fuller-Shapcott said the rain had slowed him up, although he thought it had been a lot worse in areas further south. Overall he was pleased with progress.

Completed harvest
• Crop: Winter Barley
• Moisture content: 13.5 – 16.5 % moisture
o Variety: Pearl
o Area: 14 -14.8ha
o Yield: 2.75 t/ha

o Variety: Cyprus
o Area: 18.8ha
o Yield: 3 t/ha.

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