Bayer’s Raxil barley fungicides revoked by EU

Bayer CropScience‘s Raxil range of seed treatments has had its approval revoked by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate after the active ingredient triazoxide failed to gain an Annex 1 listing from the European Commission.

Raxil Pro is used on more than 50% of the UK’s spring barley crop, while it and Raxil Deter treat about 50% of the winter crop, the firm’s Adrian Cottey said. Two other products in the range, Raxil S and Raxil Secur, have also been revoked, although both are no longer available commercially.

But growers can still treat crops for the next two spring barley seasons and one winter barley crop with a Raxil product, he said. Effectively, it means growers have two seasons to use products to treat spring barley crops and one for winter barley.

Under the regulations, Bayer will no longer be allowed to advertise, sell or supply either product after 30 May 2010. Those applying seed treatments have until the end of May 2011 to store and use Raxil products.

Bayer is developing replacement products, which Mr Cottey expected to be available before the final Raxil revocation date. “It is a fairly major change, especially for seed treatment processors, but we expect a smooth transition for farmers during product replacement.

“Growers have plenty of time to use the products. There is no urgency or rush, but we need to make sure people know about the guidelines now,” he said.