Belepi wheat displays drilling flexibility

Belepi soft wheat has produced some good yields this year, with drilling dates ranging from October through to the end of March.

“We are now getting confirmed yield results from growers, and these show good to excellent yields from crops drilled at both ends of the sowing calendar,” said Tom Nickerson at Ebbage Seeds.

“For example, in Cambridgeshire, Paul Drinkwater’s final yield of Belepi, drilled after beet in the second week of December, was exactly 10t/ha – a full 1t/ha better than the wheat in his adjoining field.”

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In Lincolnshire, Matthew Hanson’s Belepi seed crop, harvest in early August, yielded 9.64t/ha from a mid-October drill date.

The results showed that Belepi was a highly flexible variety that could give good yields from a wide range of starting points, said Mr Nickerson.

“When you use its flexibility to drill in March to get on top of blackgrass, plus its smothering effect from its rapid spring growth – you have a variety that will suit a lot of wheat growers.

“And we can now confirm that, whatever the drilling date, DEFRA have stated Belepi is considered a spring wheat for the purposes of the CAP update.”

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