Bio-boost to veg defences

A NEW NUTRIENT based bio-stimulant could help improve the disease resistance of high value salad and vegetable crops, according to manufacturers.

Kendal is a mix of plant extracts, potash and oligosaccharides, which can help enhance a plant‘s natural immune system, explained Mike Garner from Maxicrop UK.

“Kendal helps switch on a plant‘s immune system, allowing it to recover more quickly from the effects of a pathogen attack. Potassium also strengthens cell walls, making pathogen entry more difficult.”

It is generally used in conjunction with fungicides during periods of high disease pressure and can help protect crops right up to harvest, he added.

“Kendal has a useful role when a grower needs to adhere to correct harvest intervals but needs to maintain plant health.

“At the point where the fungicide has to be withdrawn from the spray programme to meet harvest interval and residue requirements, Kendal can still be used,” he said.

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