Blackgrass target for Broadway Sunrise

Dow AgroSciences has relaxed the restrictions it recommends for growers using its grassweed herbicide, Broadway Sunrise (pyroxsulam + pendimethalin).

After good trials results and feedback from users the firm is now happy for the product to be used on blackgrass only fields, provided its new guidelines are followed.

“It still must be used as part of a programme, and we stipulate that a minimum of 240g/ha of flufenacet should be applied pre-emergence,” said Stuart Jackson, Dow’s herbicide technical manager.

“If growers want to add other residuals they can, but it must be applied pre-emergence, not peri-emergence that drifts to post-emergence.

“If you then come back with Broadway Sunrise in the autumn when the blackgrass is at 1-2 leaves, then you should get comparable results as Atlantis.”

The minimum 240g/ha of flufenacet requirement does favour a Liberator (flufenacet + diflufenican) application over Crystal (flufenacet + pendimethalin), as it is not possible to apply 240g/ha flufenacet with just Crystal without breaking the maximum season application limit on pendimethalin, if Broadway Sunrise is also applied.

“You can use Crystal, but you need to top it up with more flufenacet,” Mr Jackson said.

Broadway Sunrise also offered good ryegrass, sterile brome and wild oat control, and didn’t have any following crop or cultivation restrictions, he added.

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