Brewer seeks to secure supply

YORKSHIRE BREWERS, Timothy Taylor, are to visit contracted farms to reinforce the company‘s commitment to special contracts for Golden Promise barley.

Low barley prices and changes to agricultural support could jeopardise future supplies of their favoured barley variety, the company believes.

“This threat to barley growing is of great concern, so it is vital that we support the growers to secure our future supply,” said the company‘s Head Brewer Peter Eells.

Support was particularly important this year when, “because of the weather, it has been such a tough harvest,” he added.

Timothy Taylor claims to be the only brewery to use Golden Promise Barley for all its beer.

This premium barley is grown on special contract for Maltsters JP Simpson & Co Ltd, Berwick-upon-Tweed to meet the brewery‘s specification at less than 1.4% nitrogen, Mr Eells noted.

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