Brewers call time on sprays

MALTING BARLEY growers have been warned they run the risk of crop rejection if they ignore brewers‘ advice on the latest spray timing dates for certain products.

Many products highlighted recently by the British Beer and Pub Association are close to cut off timing, noted spray manufacturer Dupont.

Crops are now jumping through growth stages, with awns now emerging in many winter crops.

“The latest timing use for several active ingredients on malting crops is considerably earlier than the latest timing supported by the product registrations,” said DuPont fungicide product manager Andy Selley.

“Indeed there are a number of actives, which are not acceptable for use once any part of the ears of barley have emerged.

The company has issued guidelines on latest spray timings, which combines product registration restrictions with those issued by the BBPA.

“Flusilazole and azoxystrobin have the most flexible application window for use on barley,” noted Mr Selley.

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