British Potato 2011: Search for new ambassadors

The Potato Council is beginning a search for 10 growers to become potato ambassadors from spring 2012.

The initial programme appointed 10 growers in 2009 to help support Potato Council activities and campaigns and attracted over £1.2m worth of coverage in the consumer press and £64,000 of PR in trade magazines, Maria Ball, project leader for the Potato Council, said at British Potato 2011:

“It has helped when talking with consumers. We’ve found consumers are interested in where their food comes from and involving the ambassadors has been relevant and credible.”

The new ambassadors, one for each of 10 regions around the UK, will be given media training and will help spread key messages about the health and versatility of potatoes by attending events, visiting schools and hosting farm visits, as well as speaking to the media.

To read more from British Potato 2011 see our dedicated page.

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