BYDV threat continues

BARLEY YELLOW Dwarf Virus (BYDV) poses a significant threat, particularly to early sown cereal crops this season, growers have been advised.

Very few decent frosts, as well as the ongoing risk of carryover from aphids sheltering in green stubbles have heightened the risk, said Bill Clark from ADAS Boxworth.

“There is a real potential risk this autumn. The earlier the drilling, the more the crop is at risk from BYDV.”

Farmers should be aware of parts of their farm that are at particular risk, such as sheltered areas and individual fields, he said, advising growers keep abreast of aphid warnings.

As soil temperatures drop during October, the emphasis will switch from green-bridge infection to airborne aphids flying into young crops, added BASF‘s David Marris.

“At the moment we can only anticipate how infestations may change with the different weather patterns.

“If mild, settled weather continues into late autumn we should remain vigilant for any late-season re-colonisation of crops.”

Early drilled September emerged crops should be inspected now and an early aphid treatment such as Sumi-Alpha (esfenvalerate) should be applied, Mr Marris recommended.

“A trials series last year showed that BYDV could give a yield reduction of up to 40%, hence a treatment with Sumi-Alpha is a highly cost effective option for BYDV control.”

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