Cabaret shows chip potential

 A NEW POTATO variety is showing promise, as a Blackpool-based chip shop has reached the final 10 for the Fish and Chip Shop of the Year, according to breeders.

The shop uses Cabaret potatoes, developed from a cross between Maris Piper and Morag strains by Cygnet Potato Breeders.

“This is a terrific result for us,” said the firm‘s managing director, Douglas Harley.

“We knew it was a good potato; tasting tests have been very positive, growers have been impressed by the yield, and sales are proof that our fifteen years of research were worthwhile.”

Cabaret seed first became available in Spring 2003, but the first full crops were not harvested until September last year, the firm said.

The owner of the Seniors Fish Bar and Restaurant, Rick Horabin believes the variety offers good potential.

“The added bonus of this variety is that it can be grown locally to Blackpool and that makes a real difference environmentally,” he said.

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