Cambs wheat going well

Wheat harvest is going very well for Cambridgeshire farm manager Paul Drinkwater, who has 1350ha of winter wheat to cut this season.

Despite disappointing bushel weights, he is pleased that his Malacca all made full milling specification with proteins all around 13% and Hagbergs ranging from 350 to 400. Yields were around 8.5-9t/ha.

Xi19 has also yielded well, with one field peaking at over 10t/ha, although he is yet to see how quality fared.

“Robigus also looks to be very good, but we haven’t really got into it yet, so it’s a bit early to tell.”

With favourable weather and crops coming in at 13% moisture, he said “it’s a pleasure to be out there at the moment.”

Mr Drinkwater was also pleased with his winter barley and Winner and Recital oilseed rape. All barley averaged a good 8-9.25t/ha, while most of the rape was around 4t/ha, he noted.

  • Crop/variety: Malacca winter wheat

  • Area: N/A

  • Yield: 8.5-9t/ha

  • Quality: 13% protein, 350-400 Hagberg

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