Carl makes good progress with barley

Carl Driver was busy combining today (23 July), and making good progress through the winter barley at Brittons Farm, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

The 182ha (450 acres) of Flagon cut so far had yielded between 6t and 8t/ha (2.4-3.2t/acre) at 1.4-1.6% nitrogen.

That left 80ha (200 acres) left to cut before Mr Driver made a start on his 65ha (160 acres) of Ovation oilseed rape early next week.

He expected to be into the 800ha (2000 acres) of wheat by the end of next week, having sprayed some off to make it easier to combine.

“The barley grain has been dry but the straw is green, and we need to it go through the combine quicker.”

Wheat yields were likely to be variable, following the dry weather in May, he added.

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Flagon
Area: 182ha (450 acres)
Yield: 6-8t/ha (2.4-3.2t/acre)
Nitrogen: 1.4-1.6%

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