Catchy harvest in Wales

NFU Vice President Meurig Raymond said harvest had been very catchy in the past 10 days in Haverford West, Dyfed. He hoped to finish cutting spring barley today, with Cocktail coming in at 6.6-6.75t/ha (2.65-2.7t/acre). Yields were 5% down on average due to the dry weather in June and July.

Bushel weights were 68kg/hl, and he hoped the good quality would meet malting specification.

Mr Raymond still had 30% winter wheat to cut.

“We need three days top wrap it up but since the forecast is not good, we might not get it done until next week.”

Yields of Istabraq, Robigus and Claire were 9.5-9.75t/ha (3.8-3.9t/acre) but he said they were normally at 10.25-10.5t/ha (4.1-4.2t/acre).

“It’s the drought that caused the lower yields because the heavier ground produced better crops.”

Quality had been “superb so far” with no signs of sprouting, and bushel weights of 78kg/hl. He said Istabraq was the better performing variety so far.

“We’re different here from the east because we’ve only had an inch of rain in the past fortnight. There has been no quantity of rain – it has just been frustrating and overcast.”

They were still two weeks ahead, normally finishing on September 12. He planned to carry on growing Robigus and Istabraq with some Alchemy, Gladiator and Glasgow for next season.

He added: “It has been pleasing but also frustrating over the past 10 days when the weather changed. But, from a farm point of view, at least the grass has greened up. We needed the moisture, especially for the potatoes.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Varieties: Istabraq, Robigus, Claire
• Yield: 9.5-9.75t/ha (3.8-3.9t/acre)
• Quality: Bushel weight 78kg/hl

• Crop: Spring barley
• Variety: Cocktail
• Yield: 6.6-6.75t/ha (2.65-2.7t/acre)
• Quality: Bushel weight 68kg/hl

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