Census figures push England’s 2010 wheat area down

DEFRA has published its provisional crop area estimates from the June 2010 census.

The area of wheat in England is put at just under 1.79m ha, an increase of 98,000ha (5.8%) since June 2009.

However, it is down on DEFRA’s December 2009 estimate (1.8m ha) and the 2010 planting estimates of both ADAS (1.83m ha) and the Home-Grown Cereals Authority (1.85m ha).

According to the June Census, the total area of barley decreased by 25% in 2010 and now stands at 584,000ha.

This was largely due to a 38% reduction in the area of spring barley to 264,000ha.

Oilseed rape is thought to have increased by 9% to almost 597,000ha in 2010.

This increase was due to a 15% rise in the area of winter oilseed rape from 503,000ha in June 2009 to 578,000ha in 2010.

The area of uncropped arable land is believed to have decreased by 34% to 152,000ha.

• Read the full DEFRA statistical notice.

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