Cereal quality up on 2004

QUALITY OF early harvested cereals is better than last year, according to first results from the Home Grown Cereals Authority’s Cereal Quality Survey.

Early estimates for wheat suggest Hagbergs averaged 290-300 seconds, which is above the GB average of 180 last season, said HGCA economist Michael Archer.

“We are still at an early stage in this year’s survey with only about 20% of results in and as the harvest progresses, a clearer picture will form.”

A summary of some findings from the survey is shown below:


Moisture % Specific weight (kg/hl)  Hagberg  Protein %
All group 1 14.6 77.4  318 13.8
All group 2  14.6 78.3 301 13.1
All group 3  14.3  76.5  255 12.0





Specific weight

Screenings (% through
2.25mm sieve)

Winter (Pearl) 14.7 67.5 1.76 3.7
Spring (Optic) 15.2 67.6 1.71 2.8




The survey includes sample data up to August 30 and is therefore skewed towards earlier cut varieties in southern and eastern regions.

As more samples are analysed, a clearer picture of the impact of recent wet weather will become available, Mr Archer added.

Updated figures from this harvest and historical results will be available at www.hgca.com over the coming weeks, as more sample information becomes available.

For reports from around the country on this year’s harvest, visit FWi’s Harvest Highlights.

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