Cereals 2008: Bayer new generation fungicide on show

Velcourt was demonstrating one of three new carboxamide fungicides in its ‘Farming Tomorrow’ area at Cereals 2008.


Bixafen, from Bayer CropScience, was formulated with the triazole fungicide, prothioconazole, Keith Norman, technical director for Velcourt said. A bit like strobilurins, it had a single site mode of action and was mostly protective in activity, so it needed to be formulated or mixed with a curative fungicide, he explained.

The product was a new generation of fungicides, Alison Daniels of Bayer CropScience added. It was from the same family as boscalid (as in Tracker) but it was a step forward, she claimed.

“It has a little bit of curative activity against septoria and brown rust, and gives extended protection against both diseases.”

The anticipated launch was in 2010.

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