Cereals 2009: Dow has high hopes for blackgrass control

Two potential new blackgrass treatments were on show from Dow AgroSciences at Cereals 2009.

Code-named GF2010 and GF2070, the treatments are both based on the new molecule pyroxsulam, the main ingredient of the company’s Broadway Star, and are formulated to add residual activity to pyroxsulam’s contact action.

“The initial performance of Broadway Star in commercial use has been very encouraging. Now we want to establish options that will extend the molecule’s benefits to farmers facing the challenges of blackgrass,” says Dow AgroSciences marketing specialist James Knight.

The two formulations are designed for autumn use. “All our trials with pyroxsulam show there is a large yield penalty to delaying any form of grass weed treatment,” says Mr Knight.

As well as blackgrass, the new formulations aim to control all major grassweeds including ryegrasses, bromes and wild oats to levels at least equivalent to current standards.

Approval for both products is being sought – the company hopes in time for this autumn.

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