Cereals 2009: Individual nozzle shut-off function

Boom section shut-off is becoming a familiar feature on many sprayers, but now there’s an even more precise way of application, offering farmers at least a 15% saving in spray costs.

The Smart Nozzle from Altek is the first system to be available in Europe that offers individual nozzle switching. Already available in the USA, the set-up uses software from Harrison Ag Technologies combined with Altek’s electro-pneumatic control valve (a clever solenoid gadget), all controlled via the tractor’s can-bus system.

The retro-fit system is able to be fitted to most sprayers, as long as they’re GPS configured. Simply map the field to include wash, hazard and wetland areas, and the computer-driven valves will interrupt the chemical flow to specific nozzles in these defined areas as well as where chemical has already been applied. The package also includes a Bluetooth remote, which means the operator can check each individual nozzle from outside the cab. The system costs about £9500 for a typical 24m sprayer.

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