Cereals 2009: Molluscicides from Certis contain less metaldehyde

The Certis molluscicides, Trigger, Certis Metaldehyde and Certis Red, are now available.

They contain a lower rate of the active ingredient metaldehyde, reduced to 3% w/w, which will gradually replace the products containing 5% metaldehyde.

The move forms part of Certis’ environmental focus and initiative with the Metaldehyde Stewardship Group to “Get Pelletwise” by reducing the amount of active applied per hectare.

Having the correct number of baiting points is essential to get optimum slug control, considered to be in the region of 40-50 pellets/sq m for most slug attacks, explains Certis’ technical manager, Peter Boyne.

“The new products deliver approximately 78 pellets/sq m, when used at the recommended rate of 11.7kg/ha,” he notes. “Field trials have also shown that even when used at 7kg/ha good control is achieved as the number of baiting points delivered is still about 42-47 pellets/sq m – which is within the optimum range required for good slug control.”

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