Cereals 2012: See the latest grain handling developments

This year’s Cereals event is a good place to see the latest in grain handling technology. Peter Hill looks at the key developments

A dust and chaff extractor added to the Skandia Elevator range of grain handling equipment comprises a spreader plate and series of deflectors that encourage efficient aspiration of the crop to remove impurities.

Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel plate, it will handle grain flows of 80-100t/hr, says distributor BDC Systems, with a damper on the aspiration fan regulating air volume.

Skandia has also developed an In Line outlet slide for its 40-120t/hr ‘I Line’ conveyors as a more compact alternative to the usual cross slide. The slide plate runs on plastic rollers and is operated by a manual, electro-pneumatic or motorised rack and pinion.

Because the slide opens down the length of the conveyor, the opening is said to be particularly useful on catwalks over silos where space is limited.


A new grain temperature probe that can be read from a distance – so no more clambering up the grain heap – will be shown at the Cereals event by Grainsafe, a trading division of Stonton Wyville Farms in Leicester.

The Smartprobe indicates temperatures in the grain using a set of bright lights (green, yellow, red) set into a thermometer-like scale with graduations of 5deg. The display, which can be attached to either 2m or 4m fibreglass probes, will typically last up to six months without re-charging, says grower Micheal Summers.

“Managing temperature is an essential element of responsible grain storage,” he says. “The Smartprobe is a simple tool that reduces the effort and expense of regular monitoring.”

A 2m version is priced £155; a 4m version is £180.


New grain storage management software developed by Oliversoft is being introduced by Parkerfarm Weighing Systems at the Cereals event.

CropStore is designed to manage all aspects of crop storage and distribution, with a modular structure making it suitable for all sizes of crop storage facility and across multiple sites.

Apart from recording weighbridge data, the program can be integrated with quality analysis hardware, including products from Dickey-john, Perten and Infratec, and accounting packages such as Sage, Key Accounts, Farmplan and TAS Books.

Secure web access provides live movement and stock data for contract storage clients.

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