Cereals 2013: New tool in fight against poppies in OSR

DOW AgroScience has launched a new oilseed rape herbicide formulation designed to strengthen post-emergence control on poppies and mayweed.

The new product contains the same concentration of propyzamide as the current residual herbicide Kerb Flo 500, but with the addition of the contact aminopyralid.

Kerb Flo remains one of the most effective grassweed killers in the rotation, with no reported resistance to propyzamide so far in troublesome weeds such as blackgrass.

Registered in May this year, AstroKerb will provide oilseed rape growers with a broader weed control spectrum, DOWs senior marketing specialist John Sellars, told Farmers Weekly at Cereals 2013.

“Poppies and mayweed are getting harder to control in some situations, so the new product will fill some important gaps in the Kerb Flo control spectrum,” he added.

AstroKerb is aimed at growers that have specific poppy and mayweed problems, with Kerb Flo 500 still offering an adequate solution where grassweeds are the main target.

AstroKerb will only be approved for use in oilseed rape and have the same application window as Kerb Flo 500, applied from 1 October and when the crop reaches three-leaf stage.

Stewardship advice

DOW is committed to offering stewardship advice after problems with their grassland product Forefront T persisting in farmyard manure and caused crop damage on allotments when spread.

Although the concentration of aminopyralid in AstroKerb is just 10% of Forefront T, the company is reminding growers of their responsibilities when using the product.

The label contains advice on following crops and oilseed rape straw should be chopped and incorporated after harvest and not used for animal bedding.

“Growers also need to be aware of propyzamide and carbetamide getting into water after applications to oilseed rape.

“We don’t recommend using both actives in a programme as it increases that risk,” said Mr Sellars.

The product will be sold in a 10 litre container with a self-sealing cap and no aliminium foil, reducing the risk of point source pollution from the packaging.

There is no indication from DOW on the price of applications in 2013, but they said it would be good value for the additional control that grower will gain.

Active ingredients

AstroKerb  aminopyralid + propyzamide
Forefront T  aminopyralid + triclopyr
Kerb Flo 500  propyzamide


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