Cereals 2013: Plant breeder DSV sees a hybrid future for OSR

German plant breeder DSV believes the future is with hybrid winter oilseed rape varieties as these establish better in the autumn.

Heino Schaupp, DSV area manager, says hybrids give better yield stability, rooting and disease resistance than conventional varieties.

He expects hybrids to increase their share of the UK oilseed rape market from 55% currently, towards the 80% share held in Germany, and then beyond.

“The future is with hybrids. The UK is changing towards hybrids. In five years time, conventional   varieties will be gone, definitely,” Dr Schaupp says.

He adds that this season has emphasised the importance of good establishment and rooting, and this is improved by early drilling and vigouressly-rooting hybrid varieties.

Its new semi-dwarf hybrid variety Troy which entered the HGCA Recommended List last November shows a good wintering ability which Dr Schaupp links to the variety’s vigouress rooting.

He points out that hybrid oilseed rapes can develop roots twice as deep as conventional varieties in a given time.

The group is hoping its latest oilseed rape variety, Incentive, will join Troy on the recommended list this November. The variety shows good seed yield, high oil content, early maturity and medium to good disease resistance.

“We are pretty confident that it is set to go on the recommended list this year,” says Michael Mann, director of marketing and sales at DSV UK.

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