Claas expands forage harvester range

Claas has pushed the number of self-propelled forager models it offers to 20 by launching two more models for 2009. Called the Jaguar 940 and 930, they slot in below the bigger 950, 960, 970 and 980 models.

The 940 has a power output of 453hp, while its slightly smaller sibling produces 415hp. Both use Mercedes-Benz engines, transferring power by direct drive to the feedroll chopping cylinder and accelerator and via mechanical drive to the header coupling.

Each is equipped with a 36-blade chopping cylinder and an adjustment system that gives chop lengths from 3.5mm to 37.5mm. Blade sharpening is activated from the driver’s seat.

claas forager large

The feed roller housing has also been designed so that it can either be swung forward or swung open completely to give easy access to the chopping cylinder.

For maize harvesting, both of the new models are fitted with a modular cracking unit that Claas says can be fitted in about 10 minutes. Drive to the unit is through the main powerband and the cracker distance can be set manually or through the Cebis control unit, depending on which spec you opt for.

There’s also an optional electronic variable accelerator which enables the distance between the accelerator and back plate to be altered. Aimed at those harvesting dense crops or bigger swaths, it means that the accelerator can be set closer to the plate to increase blowing capacity or set further from the plate to reduce wear.

The new models get the same Vista cab fitted to bigger Jaguars, with colour Cebis monitors that can be used to set up chop length, accelerator gap and the sensitivity of the metal and stone detectors. Job data, crop yields and additive volumes can all be logged and transferred by card or via Claas’s Telematics web-based performance monitoring system.

As on the larger Jaguar 900 models, the two new models can also be ordered with a variable tyre pressure system. Using the Cebis monitor, the driver can pre-select a lower tyre pressure for the field and a higher one for road work. Switching between the two is then just a matter of pressing a button.

Operators can also use the speed control system to set a particular forward speed which is then maintained automatically. If the speed needs to be cut briefly the driver simply pushes the brake pedal. When he releases it, the machine returns to its previous pre-set speed.

The 930 and 940 models will be available for 2009, but prices have yet to be announced.

  • Claas has divided its foragers into two groups. The Jaguar 494 range now includes everything from the 930 to the 980 while the Jaguar 492 range takes in the older 800 series machines from the 830 to the 890, but also including the 900.