CMi to certify new compost scheme

CMi, the company responsible for certifications like Assured Combinable Crops, is to run a new compost quality scheme in England, introduced by the Environment Agency.

Agricultural director Tim Green believes the move comes at a time when new opportunities are available to farmers.

“With the concerns of government, consumers and media alike increasingly centring on climate change, reducing carbon emissions, reducing use of landfill, and being environmentally friendly, CMi is delighted to be a certifier of this scheme.”

The Landfill Directive means the UK is having to recycle more biodegradable municipal and household waste into compost, he added. Composting was becoming an increasingly popular diversification for many farmers across the country.

Paul Adams, crop schemes manager for CMi, said anyone using their own compost would not need to adopt the accreditation. Those selling it would, but the new system would prove cheaper than applying for individual Environment Agency waste exemptions.

“These new rules allow compost to be treated as a product to be sold, not as waste,” Mr Adams said.

“They provide a consistent standard and may encourage more people to become composters. That has to be a good thing.”

The other accreditation body will be Organic Farmers and Growers.

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