Combining spring barley in Angus

James Porter is combining the last of the spring barley at West Scryne Farm, Carnoustie, Angus, today (9 September), and is delighted with yields all round.

“It’s been a pretty good harvest,” he said. “Although the weather has been quite catchy, we’ve had some good crops.”

Nearly all of the Waggon and Odyssey spring barley – grown for seed – had yielded 8.6t/ha, although the final two fields were closer to 7.4t/ha, said Mr Porter.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. The final two fields are on higher ground and were hit badly by leatherjackets, so even that yield was better than I’d expected.”

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Horatio and Leeds winter wheat, grown as first wheats, had averaged over 9.9t/ha, with three fields of Horatio topping 11.1t/ha.

“It was all nice quality – although around here there have been a lot of big wheat and spring barley yields. At least it will help to make up for the poor prices.”

Mr Porter had cut most of the barley at 17% moisture, which was about normal for the area. “But the last few fields have been at 19%.”

Near the coast there was very little left to harvest, but there was more to get inland. “This week the weather looks reasonable so most of it should get tidied up,” he added.

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