Combining today near Wereham

Ed Lankfer hopes to be cutting winter barley at Laurel Farm, Wereham, Norfolk, today (11 July), where yields are better than expected.

“I’ve cut 7ha (17 acres) of Cassia so far – it’s not the biggest crop I’ve ever cut, but it’s in the store, which is a bonus.”

So far it was yielding 5t/ha (2t/acre) at 13.7% moisture. “I’ve heard some really poor yields, so on the whole we’re quite pleased.

“But the straw is still very green, even though the ears are dry, so it’s hard work on the combine, and we can’t bale behind the combine, which is frustrating.”

Straw yields were fairly poor, with a 1ha (2.5 acre) field producing 450 conventional bales.

Mr Lankfer had another 18ha (45 acres) of Cassia left to cut. “Hopefully we’ll be on today – we had 12mm of rain last night at home, but none at the farm, so we can pick the right fields.”

Winter wheat looked well on the heavy ground, but had suffered badly on the sand, he added.

“The spring barley is greener now than it was in May; since the rain it’s all come back to life and put more tillers out.

“And the sugar beet looks amazing – it’s the best crop I’ve ever seen.”

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Cassia
Area: 7ha (17 acres)
Yield: 5t/ha (2t/acre)

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