Co-formulated late blight potato fungicide launched

A new co-formulated fungicide for late blight control will be available for farmers this growing season.

Zorvec Endavia, developed by agrochemical group Corteva, is a liquid spray combining oxathiapiprolin + benthiavalacarb in a single five-litre bottle, providing protection from late blight for up to 10 days after application.

Alister McRobbie, the firm’s category manager for potatoes, explains how the product enables users to target applications during the rapid growth phase, where actives will be most effective, providing growers with the cleanest possible start to their programme.

“The inclusion of a second active ingredient provides important protection against the risk of resistant late blight strains developing,” he adds.

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Fungicide performance

Trials of the co-formulated product have demonstrated good performance in the control of late blight, with the firm expecting the spray to be a hugely valuable tool for potato growers in managing the aggressive strains of the disease.

Farmers can apply the fungicide at 0.4 litres/ha, up to four times during a season, but are limited to three sprays in a block.

Mr McRobbie highlights that Zorvec Endavia provides effective protection in a single bottle for those looking for an alternative to co-packs.

As well as controlling late blight in potatoes, the new fungicide has a label claim for downy mildew in onions, shallots and garlic.

Application rates are different, with the product being applied to onions and shallots at a reduced rate of 0.5 litres/ha, three times during the growing season, with a maximum of two sprays in a block.

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