New SDHI fungicide ‘Elatus’ wins approval for 2017 use in cereals

A new fungicide from agrochemicals giant Syngenta is now fully registered for use in the 2017 season following its final approval, promising growers “class-leading activity” on top wheat diseases.

The product, Elatus Era, teams the company’s new SDHI fungicide Solatenol with the azole prothioconazole to help prevent a build up of disease resistance.

It claims yield benefits over a host of rival SDHI products including Adexar, Aviator and Vertisan when applied in winter wheat crops at the T2 flag leaf growth stage.

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Jason Tatnell, fungicide technical expert at the company, says Elatus Era offers “excellent activity on Septoria tritici and market leading activity on rusts”.

It has been approved for use in spring and winter wheat, spring and winter barley, triticale and rye.


The active ingredient of Solatenol is benzovindiflupyr. It has been mixed with the strobilurin azoxystrobin and used in Latin America for the past two seasons to control soya bean rust under the trade name Elatus.

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