New SDHI performs well in independent trials

The first independent trial results of Syngenta’s latest fungicide have shown it performs well against septoria in wheat and rhynchosporium in barley.

“Based on dose-response information, Elatus Era shows strong performance… in both protectant and eradicant situations,” says Paul Gosling, fungicide performance research manager at AHDB.

“This is in line with the general performance of the best other commercially available fungicides tested, and gives growers a useful alternative option as we head into the 2017 spray season,” Dr Gosling adds.

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Elatus Era contains the recently trademarked SDHI active ingredient Solatenol (benzovindiflupyr) and the azole prothioconazole.

The effectiveness of the chemical was measured by the AHDB across their trial sites in 2015-16, with more data on other key foliar diseases to come later in 2017.

Full performance trial data for each of the fungicides from the 2015-16 trials and previous years is available on the AHDB website.

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