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Manage your on-farm rodent problem with Lodi UK

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Lodi UK are proud to support British farmers with the most extensive range of high-quality pest control products.

Complementing our Lodi Gems professional rodenticide range, our leading fly and red mite control products, developed for use on all breeding farms, hatcheries, rearing and laying farms, feed mills hold British Lion Quality Code approval.

These brands include Maggots, TwentyOne, Sheila, Perbio Choc, Phobi, Organ-X, Larvenol, Insectaclear, Digrain, Cyperbio, Insecto, and Quartz.

In addition, Lodi UK supply a range of grain store protection products such as K-Obiol and Phobi.

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Claim your free beanie

To thank UK farmers for their hard work, Lodi UK are pleased to be giving away free Lodi beanies during autumn. Simply click on the link and order yours free to your door, including delivery.

Watch the the video to find out how to effectively manage rats on your farm, including:

  • How to investigate: a survey (looking for smear marks, runs, droppings, fur deposits, urine areas), UV tracking, damage (chewing/gnawing).
  • Key locations to bait in protecting farms
  • The difference in formulations – when and why
  • Risk management – keeping workers and the farm safe. Animal health and welfare (pigs are highly susceptible to bromadiolone so may need to use other active e.g. difenacoum instead)
  • Resistance management – using a single feed alongside others
  • Monitoring
  • Other prevention methods such as control sprays, proofing materials, and CRRU guidance

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