Key residual herbicide spray deadlines fast approaching

Growers thinking about applying a residual herbicide to their winter break crops are being reminded application deadlines are fast approaching.

This winter’s benign weather has seen applications delayed but 31 January marks the final day for propyzamide applications, with carbetamide permitted until 28 February.

These chemicals are important tools for many growers looking to apply alternative chemistry to break cropping as part of their blackgrass control strategy.

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Oilseed rape growers found last season challenging with extreme pressure on the crop from poor weather and pests but for many it still represents a break crop with the potential to make a significant profit. 

“Following these cut-off dates is really important as they are not only, in the case or carbetamide and propyzamide, legal requirements but will also help protect water and ensure following crop safety,” says Patrick Goldsworthy of the Voluntary Initiative.

“Whenever these products are applied, it is really important that farmers and operators remember to ensure drains are not running, no heavy rain is forecast in the following 48 hours, and that applications are not made to frozen ground,” he adds.

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