Difficult harvest in Moray

Frank Thomson still has a long way to go at Burnside of Tynet, Buckie, Moray, with the wet weather making for an extremely difficult harvest.

“It’s not been going well and has rained non-stop for the past four days,” he said. “When we start to get going it rains again and it’s been difficult to get a good run at anything.”

Mr Thomson had managed to cut all of the winter barley and oilseed rape. And despite the bad weather, yields had been very good for the farm.

“The Extrovert oilseed rape has done very well, with oil phenomenal at 47%.”

Alongside this, Mr Thomson also had trials on the farm for Syngenta, with high yields across two new varieties.

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Volume winter barley was also very pleasing, with a combine reading of around 8.9t/ha.

“We always put the winter barley on the lighter land. It needs to do well as we use it for our own feed, which is very important to us,” he said.

With 100ha of Concerto spring barley cut, Mr Thomson now had 283ha left to go.

“Yields have been good so far and nitrogen has come back at 1.4-1.5% which we’re very pleased with,” he said.

“Although we’ve got 48ha of winter wheat ready to cut, we’ll be focussing on cutting the barley as our most valuable crop.”

Mr Thomson hadn’t seen such a wet harvest for a long time, with the weather taking its toll on crops still in the ground.

“The river running through the farm burst its banks over the weekend,” he said. “The wheat not affected by this is looking fine, but much of it is starting to flatten.

“We’ve had a lovely summer and now this to deal with. Luckily the forecast looks good over the next few days, so there won’t be any social life for the team this weekend.”

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