Disasterous winter barley in Wales

Paul Philips in Newtown, mid Wales, said it had been a “waste of time combining” winter barley this year after it yielded 1.9t/ha (0.75t/ac). He said half the crop had not established after it was drilled very late in very wet conditions last autumn.

Mr Philips usually expects 5t/ha yields on his grade three soil, but he said: “I’m seriously considering not bothering to grow winter barley next year.”

As all his crops are fed to his own animals, he said it depends whether winter barley is essential for their diet, as to whether he will grow it next year.

He was also disappointed with the straw yielding only 2.5t/ha.

Winter oats which were grown on the same soil type were more pleasing for him yielding 5t/ha at 13% moisture. He said the oats are essential for his ewes, and he loves to grow them because they are easy to combine and cheap to grow.

He was also pleased with the “golden” oat straw yielding 6.25t/ha. He said: “I look forward to baling it.”

  • Crop/variety: Winter oats

  • Area: N/A

  • Yield: 5t/ha

  • Quality: 13% moisture


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