Drought took Beds yields

Clinton Dunmore in Souldrop, North Bedfordshire, finished 280ha of Malacca winter wheat a week ago. He said although it did not go too badly, the drought had reduced wheat yields and caused bushel weights to suffer.

The Malacca yielded 9-9.25t/ha (3.6-3.7t/ac) which was 10% down on average. “It was not too disastrous but we would have had 10t/ha (4t/ac) if it had not been for the drought.”

The crop had plenty of protein but he said bushel weights had struggled. “There was no bushel weight and it will not go for milling. We will have to find another job for it.”

Harvest had been a fortnight early due to the lack of water. “Moisture was the main problem as we had the pests and disease under control. But weather considering, it could have been worse.”

Mr Dunmore planned to replace Malacca with Solstice next year. “Malacca is getting tired. It has been around a long time so it’s about time we had a change.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Malacca
• Area: 280ha
• Yield: 9-9.25t/ha (3.6-3.7t/ac)
• Quality: Plenty of protein, Bushel weight struggled

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