Drying out near Downham Market

Harvest is getting going again today (3 September) at Paul Hartley’s farm in Downham Market, Norfolk, where crop and ground conditions have finally dried out.

“We wanted to get an early start this morning as we’ve had few good combining days and have 120ha of wheat to finish,” he said.

Although wet weather had hampered progress, Mr Hartley was pleased with the crops so far.

Scout, cut two days ago, averaged 9t/ha across the whole field, while Cordiale and Diego averaged 8.5t/ha.

Gallant also yielded 8.5t/ha, but was not particularly easy to combine, he said.

“Bushel weights have been pretty good – we’ve not had much under 70kg/hl and Gallant probably averaged about 73hg/hl, with some up into the 74-75kg/hl bracket.”

Oil contents were also pleasing in the rapeseed, coming in between 43% and 45%, and averaging 44%, with yields around 4.25t/ha.

“Dimension was a pain to combine due to the wet weather,” said Mr Orlick.

“It hasn’t been the best year but we haven’t been stuck. It was a slow start and we’re normally done by now.”

Crop: Winter Wheat
Variety: Scout, Gallant, Cordiale and Diego
Area: 280ha
Yield: 8.5-9t/ha

Crop: Oilseed rape
Variety: Dimension and Palace
Area: 100ha
Yield: 4.25 t/ha

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